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Music behind the sounds Interview with Péter Szabó

Péter Szabó is the solo cellist of the Festival Orchestra, he conducts, he writes cadenzas, he searches for pieces which have not been performed yet and then he presents them. He has won prizes from numerous international competitions. He is going to give a chamber music concert with Alfons Kontarsky and David Frühwirth in the Budapest Spring Festival. He has made recordings for Hungaroton, Naxos and EMI.

Concert critic

The violinist David Frühwirth, the cellist Péter Szabó and the pianist Zsuzsa Kollár devoted the first part of the January 5th concert in the Márványterem to the curious match of two composers who were Hungarian by birth but who were separated from their home.

Mátyás Seiber: Chamber pieces and songs

Hungaroton Classic

Mátyás Seiber was one of the favourite students of Kodály. He died in a car accident aged fifty-five -when Kodaly composed a touching lament.

Chamber pieces from Hans Koessler and Emanuel Moór

Hungaroton Classic

The greatest virtue of the album is that it offers a more complex picture of the composer whose bigoted conservatism is usually mentioned in parallel to his outstanding professional skills.

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