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Mátyás SEIBER: Chamber Works and Songs

One picks up the same breadth of style and development trail here as in the more recent Seiber string quartets on Delphian (see review). We move from ethnic melodic tonality to dissonance with a lyrical core.

Brahms, Johannes: Piano Trio in B major Op. 8 Dvořak, Antonin: Dumky Trio Op. 90

"It takes only a minute or so before you realize this will be a wonderful performance of Brahms. It is rich and warm, and the varying moods are all beautifully captured. It is fiery in the finale and tenderly romantic in the adagio. The string players have well matched sounds, and their phrasing is very well worked out. Little details, where the players have to match things like trills and terminations, are unusually fine."

Pleyel: String And Winds

Kaczander, Lencsés, Szabadi, Bársony, Szabó

Musical and assured, with a hint of roughness suggesting rustic vitality.

The Near Past of the Hungarian Flute

It is always enjoyable to discover new repertoire for my instrument, and this disc is mostly new to me, containing flute music written in Hungary in the second half of the twentieth century.

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