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Laura Faragó -- singer
Dénes Várjon, Márta Gál -- piano
Péter Szabó -- cello
Hungarian Radio Choir
Camerata Transsylvanica
Hungarian Radio Brass Quintet
Conductor: György Selmeczi, Mátyás Antal, Lajos Vass

Hungaroton Classic

HCD 32183

The pieces on the disc recorded between 1972 and '73 reflect the interests of the folk music researcher and composer, Csaba Szabó. They deal with choral music - the very folk and church musical relics which he brought to the surface during his excavations into the deepest levels of Hungarian musical history. Pieces like this are his most popular work, the Passacaglia on the tune of the Kyrie eleison of János Kájoni’s Székely Mass and the Five madrigals to Latin texts of old Transylvanian poets . It is worth listening to these pieces and through them gaining a deeper knowledge of the intriguing and multifold personality of the late pedagogic researcher.
T. V.

Translation by Susan Kapás

Summer 2006

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