Ignace Pleyel: The Cello Concertos (Complete)

 Apr 2003  Apr 2003

Péter SZABÓ - cello & conductor
ERDŐDY Chamber Orchestra, leader: Zsolt SZEFCSIK

"Péter Szabó’s multi-faceted contribution to this first volume of his projected set of Pleyel’s cello concertos extends beyond shouldering the soloist’s mantle to preparing the performance editions from autograph manuscripts of these five works and composing pertinent." (...) "Particularly enjoyable are his expansive accounts of the opening movement of B106 and the adagios of B101 and 108, his sonorous lyricism in the slow movement of B104 and his characterful, spirited interpretations of the light-hearted finales, most notably of B105."
The Strad


Concerto In C Major For Cello And Orchestra (1788-89) Ben104 

1.1 Allegro Vivace 11:44 

1.2 Adagio 5:00 

1.3 Rondo. Allegro 5:51 

Concerto In C Major For Cello And Orchestra (1797) Ben106 

2.1 Allegro 13:22 

2.2 Adagio 5:24 

2.3 Rondo. Allegro Molto 5:46 

Concerto In C Major For Cello And Orchestra Ben108 

3.1 Allegro 9:38 

3.2 Adagio 8:52 

3.3 Allegro Molto 6:40 

Concerto In C Major For Cello And Orchestra (1782-84) Ben101 

4.1 Allegro 13:11 

4.2 Adagio 9:26 

4.3 Rondo 6:30 

Concerto In D Major For Cello And Orchestra (1791) Ben105 

5.1 Allegro Moderato 11:27 

5.2 Adagio Poco Andante 10:16 

5.3 Rondo. Allegro 6:05 


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