Csaba Szabó: Chamber Music, Choral Works

Laura FARAGÓ - soprano
Márta GÁL - piano (1-3)
Péter SZABÓ - cello (4-7)
Dénes VÁRJON - piano (4-7)
Camerata Transsylvanica, conducted by György SELMECZI (8)
Hungarian Radio Brass Quintet, conducted by Mátyás ANTAL (9-12)
Hungarian Radio Chorus, chorus master: József MAKLÁRY (13-20)

"The greatest merit of the disc is the multifaceted presentation of a life's work so far absent from the general knowledge of the musicians’ society." (...) "The Sonatina by Péter Szabó and Dénes Várjon is definitely an outstanding performance."


Three Transylvanian folk songs (1986)
Hommage à László Lajtha
1. I. My country is a foreign land 2'52"
2. II. If you set off from Transylvania 2'56"
3. III. No gizmo on my boot 1'01"

Sonatina "Looking Back" for Cello and Piano in C (1992)
4. I. 5'45"
5. II. 2'26"
6. III. 2'07"
7. IV. 2'46"

8. Passacaglia on the tune of the Kyrie eleison of János Kájoni's Székely Mass - Dedicated to the Târgu Mureº Chamber Orchestra and Gyula Hamza(1975) 9'15"

Sonata for Brass Quintet and Tape Recorder
9. I. Con moto 2'13"
10. II. Poco scherzando 2'59"
11. III. Parlando 1'49"
12. IV. Vivace 5'39"

Choral Works I.
13. Love songs to folk texts, mixed choir
I. Fly little bird
II. Sweet Rose of Mine
III. Oh, How Deep The Water Of Maros Is
14. Bride Dancers, to folk texts, women's choir 0'56"
15. Marriage Songs, mixed choir 3'20"

Choral Works II.
Five madrigals to Latin texts of old Transylvanian poets
16. To Piroska, mixed choir-BOCATIUS, Joannes 1'46"
17. To Erzsike, men's choir-BOCATIUS, Joannes 2'10"
18. Janus Pannonius' Lament, mixed choir - WOLPHARDUS, Hilarius 3'04"
19. György Dózsa's heartening words, male choir - TAURINUS, István 2'27"
20. To István Bocskai, mixed choir - SZAMOSKÖZI, István 3'18"

Total time: 63'53"


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