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March 2003

Ignace Pleyel: Cello concertos

Another contribution to the Hungarian cultural history is a double-disc album of Pleyel's complete cello concertos, which, according to the label on the cover, is only the opening piece of the maestro's complete string concertos. Pleyel was Austrian, but he became a Europe-wide reknowned celebrity in Hungary, with the help of Hungarian noblemen - particularly the Erdődys -, and through their employee, Haydn.

It seems a good idea that a Hungarian company, Hungaroton releases his re-discovered works. From this we see these compositions are not only appealing, but also of high quality. The recording by the Erdődy Chamber Orchestra, this time led by Péter Szabó, are astonishingly effective. I admired Szabó's outstandingly intelligent performance and sensitivity (even on his previous album), while the Erdődy Chamber Orchestra gained international recognition with its two oratorio albums. The sequel also worked out well; notwithstanding that they do not play on authentic instruments. They play so sensitively, so expressively that I am inclined to believe in their thorough research, and a complete identification with the epoch is manifested in their performance.

József Komlós

Translation by Susan Kapás

Péter Szabó cellist, conductor, music editor
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