Új Ember
December 2002

Ignace Pleyel's cello concertos

Erdődy Chamber Orchestra; Péter Szabó – cello
Hungaroton Classic

The Erdődy Chamber Orchestra, which has now functioned for eight years, pursues an almost unique activity. Its artistic director, Zsolt Szefcsik has been conducting research with a monastic diligence in libraries and archives for latent or undeservedly forgotten classical music masterpieces ever since the formation of the orchestra. In 2001 it was Johann Nepomuk Hummel’s D major mass that worthily attracted the attention of the West- European musician community. The CD now released contains five cello concertos by Ignace Pleyel. The composer was of French origin and was the student of Joseph Haydn in Eszterháza. Soon the two composers, whose relationship remained very friendly all along, were celebrated as peer artists all over Europe. Pleyel’s cello concertos go beyond the boundaries of the Viennese classicism and their technical solutions provide the soloist an enormous challange. The Szefcsiks present the movements with huge empathy and Péter Szabó’s cello performance also provides a delightful and lasting musical experience.

Kornél H. Magyar

Translation by Susan Kapás

Péter Szabó cellist, conductor, music editor
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